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National Vegetarian Week – Canned Veggie Meals and Treats

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Mixed Bean Picadillo Recipe - Love Canned Food

Thinking about taking part in National Vegetarian Week, 11th – 17th May? We have some hints and tips that’ll see you through the week.

Whether you’re trying one meat-free meal; going veggie for #MeatFreeMonday; or challenging yourself to a whole week of being veggie, we’re here to inspire you with balanced, easy to cook dishes and to suggest simple swaps.

Getting Started

There are so many options when it comes swapping out meat: from pressed tofu to jackfruit or meat-free alternatives. But the easiest way to start is with the canned beans that are already in your cupboard.

You can still enjoy the family-favourite lasagne by swapping the traditional mince for a veggie alternative such as chickpeas, borlotti beans or even green beans, for a deliciously filling meal – check what you need to treat the family to this Meat-free Lasagne.

Meat-free Lasagne - Love Canned Food

Mexican cuisine is perfect for exploring meat alternatives. Cook up a veggie Chilli Con Carne by swapping the beef mince for mixed canned beans, which will make a filling and nutritious meal. Our Mixed Bean Picadillo Recipe is another great example where beans and pulses can be used as a substitute for meat products. This recipe uses canned mixed beans, kidney beans and sweetcorn, which are simply cooked in a spicy tomato sauce and served with white or brown rice for a delicious meat-free dish.

Eating veggie doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your protein intake: Three Bean Tacos are a protein-rich meal. These quick and easy tacos are a great way to help the little ones get up to three of their five-a-day, with canned butter beans and kidney beans mixed with fresh herbs and spices. What’s more, they’re fun to make (and eat), so grab an apron and get the kids involved.

Three Bean Tacos - Love Canned Food


Meat-Free Snacks and Treats

We all get those mid-morning and mid-afternoon food cravings, so how about a fresh homemade Spinach Hummus to see you through. Made in just 10 minutes, this super quick recipe uses just a few food cupboard and fridge ingredients. Tuck in with a mix of crudités or warm pitta bread slices.

Spinach Hummus - Love Canned Food

Can we tempt you with our gooey Chocolate Bean Brownies using a secret ingredient… CANNED BLACK-EYED BEANS! This tasty treat is so easy to make, with dark chocolate and canned black-eyed beans (making them a healthier option than a standard brownie). It’s –almost- acceptable to have two brownies in one sitting. Yum!

Blacked Eyed Bean Brownies - Love Canned Food

Canned fruit can also make an easy snack, such as mixed fruit with yoghurt and honey, or canned peaches with granola. If you’re after something a bit more exotic, bring summer to your garden with a tropical Pineapple Relish that can be served sweet with vanilla ice cream or as a savoury side dish.

Pineapple Relish - Love Canned Food

If you’re looking for more vegetarian dishes inspiration, make sure to check all of our vegetarian recipes.