Phil Vickery Answers Your Canned Food Questions Love Canned Food

Phil Vickery Answers Your Canned Food Questions

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Our Love Canned Food ‘Can’-noisseur, TV chef Phil Vickery answers your top ‘can’-undrums (okay, we will stop with the canned puns

Phil Vickery is back!

Our ambassador, top chef and all-round ‘can’-noisseur Phil Vickery has shared his top three canned tips with us based on the most common questions he hears from his loyal Instagram followers.

Over to you Phil:

1. “What can I do with canned tuna that’s a bit different?”

For something a bit different, why not try this delicious Mediterranean Tuna and Vegetable Tart,  made with canned tuna, canned sweetcorn, cherry tomatoes and olives.

Canned tuna is a very versatile product. I love it in rice or pasta dishes – try mixing the tuna with canned sweetcorn or canned lentils for a filling meal.

I also love cooking with canned salmon, sardines, and crab as they’re highly nutritious and handy to grab from the cupboard when I’m after a quick lunch.


2. “How can I make baked beans a little bit more inspirational?”

When cooking your baked beans in a pan, add fresh coriander, dried chilli flakes, a drop of honey, and a knob of butter. Mix it all together and serve on a hot, buttered slice of toast for a flavoursome dish with a hint of spice. It’ll soon become a go-to!

If you’re after a breakfast recipe with baked beans, then try this All-In-One Breakfast Baked Eggs.


3. “I need some suggestions for canned potatoes.”

Canned potatoes are often overlooked, but I have cooked with them for years. I love how convenient they are given that they are peeled and washed already. All you have to do is quickly drain and chop them, meaning that you can spend less time prepping and more time cooking.

They work well in curry dishes. Slice the canned potatoes into cubes and boil them in stock, then add canned spinach and sweetcorn, mixed with fried onion, garlic, and curry paste for a delicious potato curry that the whole family can enjoy. If you want, add extra spice to taste.

For another quick and easy canned potato recipe, try this Spinach, Chickpea and Potato Hash

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