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About Love Canned Food

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Love Canned Food is a celebration of all things canned

Beans, pulses, tomatoes, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish… With a large variety of products available to buy in cans, it’s easy to prepare well-balanced, healthy and affordable meals all year round. And with over 98% of us buying it already* we’re clearly a nation who love canned food.

In fact it’s so great, you’ll find some delicious seasonal recipes providing inspiration for meals and snacks so you and your family can reap the benefits of eating canned food.

Canned food is not only tasty, it’s often healthy and nutritious and is packed full of as many quality ingredients as possible.

It’s also convenient – you can keep it in your cupboard and open it when you’re ready without short-term use by dates creeping up on you – and as it’s great value for money, you can make cost savings as well.

Keep popping back to the site for new recipes, videos and competitions which will be appearing throughout the year.

* YouGov survey results – conducted November 2016 – 2,024 UK residents, aged 18+.

Why we were founded

The canned food industry is worth £2.2 billion to UK retailers, with 1.24 million kilogrammes of canned goods being purchased by UK consumers each year. It has, however, experienced challenges in recent years. We’re hereo communicate the advantages of buying canned food including quality, taste, value, convenience and sustainability. We will also help to dispel common myths about canned food, such as that all canned foods use preservatives, and educate consumers about the unique canning process. Starting with the below video.