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Why Choose Canned Food?

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It’s Great Quality

The canning process has stood the test of time – can you believe it’s been around since the 19th century?

The amazing process sees many foods go from the field or sea to the can in a matter of hours, when cooked in the can they often retain freshness and nutrient content and in most cases, without the use of preservatives.

Why not try…

  • Swapping dried pulses for canned varieties. With no need to soak, you get all the goodness in a fraction of the time
  • Adding canned tomatoes to curries, casseroles and mince beef dishes. It’s no way near as messy as chopping them yourself!
  • Popping canned fruit on top of your morning cereal, granola or porridge for a healthier, more convenient start to the day
  • Using canned soup as a recipe base to create mighty meals for hungry families (the perfect recipe cheat!)

It’s Really Tasty

The delicious flavour of harvested, farmed or caught food is locked in the can, ready to be enjoyed when you choose.

From a warming chickpea stew to a delicious jacket potato topped with tuna and salad, canned ingredients can be quickly and easily combined to produce tasty recipes for the whole family to enjoy.

Whether you’re looking for an inspired breakfast, lunch or dinner canned food ticks the box. Why not explore our video recipes and try out a moreish Mackerel with Mango Salsa or a tasty Steak and Vegetable Pie?

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It’s Nutritious

The clever canning process helps to lock the nutrients in naturally, which is a way of helping us to enjoy food at an extended shelf life.

Nutrients such as vitamin E, vitamin A, minerals and fibre, are generally similar to the amount you’d find in fresh or frozen options of the same ingredient. Simple.

The airtight seal and canning process means air can’t get in to spoil the food or reduce nutrients, this helps to retain natural goodness and keeps the food safe to eat for long periods of time. Clever, right?

Did you know?

  • Canned oily fish, such as salmon, provides an amazing source of essential Omega 3
  • Fruit canned in juice provides an easy way to each one of your five-a-day

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It’s Convenient

Food in cans is easy to purchase, store and use, to create a variety of tasty meals for all the family – it helps reduce those last minute dashes to the shop. Phew!

There’s a reason why the handy can has been used for decades – it’s the best way of keeping the freshness and nutrients locked in a convenient package that’s easy to buy. Store indoors and pop open whenever you need it!

As canned foods have a long shelf life, you can keep them in your kitchen cupboard so there’s always something convenient to hand. Most are available in a variety of sizes, meaning you can choose which size suits you, resulting in less food waste and you saving money by only buying what you need. Winner.

Convenience is Canned

• Almost 1/3 of us throw away food regularly because it’s reached its use by date

• 53% of Brits say that buying canned food ensures they waste less food

(YouGov survey of 2,000 adults, November 2016)

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It Offers Value For Money

Canned food is great value for money and offers affordable meal solutions, helping you reduce your shopping bill.

Canned foods can often provide the same nutrients that are found in fresh or frozen food but at a lower cost, leaving money to spend on movies, trips to the zoo or anything else you’d to do for fun!

Food bought in cans can be more affordable than fresh, so it’s worth making the canned aisle your first choice.

Make lunch for all the family for under a fiver…

  • Winter warmer: Soup and freshly baked bread – warming and comforting
  • The classic crowd pleaser: Beans on toast are guaranteed to hit the spot
  • Spuds up: Jacket potatoes crammed with tuna mayo – nutritious and delicious

How Much Do You Love Canned Food?

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