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The Rise of Food Waste and How You Can Reduce Yours

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The BBC News has reported on a study from Dutch researchers who found common estimates for global food waste are too low, suggesting that everyone in the world is wasting about 500 calories of food a day! The study found food waste goes up with the increase of money in our pockets, possibly reaching more than twice the levels we thought previously.

A solution to food waste

Buying canned food is an easy solution to this problem. Did you know, canned food is super delicious as it keeps its freshness by being stored in an airtight can?

On top of being delicious, canned food is affordable as it has a prolonged shelf life which also makes it really convenient when you want to whip up a quick dinner but haven’t got time to do a full shop. So, because it can be stored for long periods of time due to its cooking process, this results in less food waste!

Another huge benefit of buying canned food is that the cans themselves can also be recycled time and time and time again which reduces another huge environmental impact; packaging waste.

Try these recipes to reduce your food waste

To get you started, we’ve selected our top flavorsome recipes you can create using canned food, below:

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