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Food Waste Action Week

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This week it’s Food Waste Action Week – a week that is focused on showing all of us how “wasted food is an issue that affects everyone – and the planet”.

According to WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme), individual households waste more than 4.5 million tonnes of food each year. To try and combat this issue, WRAP has created Food Waste Action Week – aiming to wake the nation up to the environmental consequences of wasting food.

From Monday 1 to Sunday 7 March 2021, WRAP will work with a variety of partners to show that wasted food is an issue that affects everyone – and the planet! Wasted food contributes 8–10% of total man-made greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and roughly one third of food produced around the world is wasted.

But how can you help?

Well, buying canned food is one easy solution! Canned food is just as delicious as fresh food and thanks to the nifty airtight seal on the can keeping freshness locked in – it can be stored for longer periods of time.

As well as tasting amazing, buying canned food is kinder to your wallet as it’s great value and can result in you throwing less food (and therefore money) away. You don’t have to worry about making those daily trips to the supermarket when you can whip up a simple and tasty meal using only a few canned essentials!

Cans can also be recycled time and time again. By using canned food, you can reduce another huge environmental impact – packaging waste.

Simple recipes to help you reduce your food waste:

To get you started, we’ve selected our favourite recipes – all made using canned food!

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