Phil Vickery Announces Partnership with Love Canned Food Love Canned Food

Phil Vickery Announces Partnership with Love Canned Food

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I am thrilled to announce that I will be partnering with Love Canned Food as its official ambassador for 2019.

Love Canned Food is an initiative that has been created to celebrate all aspects of canned food and aims to educate people about its benefits as an affordable, wholesome and versatile part of their daily diet.

It’s something I’m passionate about too. Following years working in professional kitchens, I have now switched my focus to helping people create simple, yet delicious and healthy foods.

My upcoming cookbook, Save Money Good Diet, is full of recipes and advice on how families can save money but still eat the foods they love and get all of the nutrients they need. One of the key ways they can do this is by incorporating canned foods into their cooking, as I frequently do in the recipes in my book.

I am a firm believer that canned food is such an important kitchen companion for chefs and families alike; in fact, I always keep my kitchen cupboards stocked with a wide range of canned fruits, meats, fish and vegetables to inspire my meals.

There is such a diverse selection of ingredients now available in cans, meaning families can create stunning recipes with ingredients from all over the globe that can be conveniently kept in their kitchen cupboards. This makes canned food the perfect partner for modern shoppers looking to keep up with food trends, as well as families simply trying to diversify the meals that they eat each week, and their intake of fruit and veg.

As part of my partnership with Love Canned Food, I have developed a series of delicious meals and snacks using canned food, look out for these on the Love Canned Food website.