World Vegan Month – Canned Food Recipes

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This month is World Vegan Month, a celebration of plant-based diets and dishes. For many reasons, veganism has been on the rise and we want to provide you with some delicious choices that are both affordable and simple. Whether you’re a flexitarian, vegetarian or a vegan, we’re sure you’ll enjoy these recipes and love how easy they are to make.

Many people think that cooking vegan dishes can be difficult, but we want to show you how, with canned food, it’s simple and easy. The recipes we have included below all take under 30 minutes to make and some take less than five minutes to prepare!

When eating vegan with canned food you can cook with familiar, affordable ingredients that are ready when you are. Canned pulses and vegetables make delicious vegan recipes, which are also full of nutrients and goodness.

For healthy, delicious vegan recipes that are kind to you and your wallet, choose canned food. Check out the below and let us know which recipe is your favourite over on our Instagram channel @lovecannedfood.

Vegan All Day Breakfast

Start your day off right with this delicious, hearty Vegan All-Day Breakfast. This recipe is built on the true staples of a full English; canned beans, potatoes, mushrooms and tomatoes. This breakfast can be cooked under the grill using just one tray, meaning you can get your day started without worrying about that pile of washing up.

Vegan All-Day Breakfast

Mixed Bean Salad

Ideal for a lunch on the go, this vibrant, refreshing salad is a super speedy vegan-friendly treat. Made with a variety of canned beans, this recipe can be made in under 10 minutes – great for whipping up the night before and taking with you for a delicious and nutritious work lunch.

Mixed Bean Salad

Vegan Bean & Carrot Burgers

Get involved in World Vegan Month and rustle up these delightful vegan burgers. They are sure to be a hit with everyone at the dinner table.

Ready in just 25 minutes and served with a crunchy sweetcorn salsa, we promise these beauties will not disappoint.

Carrot and Bean Burger

Butternut Squash Soup with Chickpea ‘Croutons’

Three canned foods make up this heart-warming recipe: canned tomatoes, carrots and lentils. That means it’s packed full of flavour! To top it off, we’re adding chickpea croutons – they’re a great alternative to bread! Try this recipe today and let us know what you think!

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