Winter Warmers

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Mixed Bean Picadillo - Love Canned Food

When it’s cold outside, there’s nothing you crave more than a hearty, warming meal to satisfy your taste buds. Now the clocks have gone back and the evenings are getting darker, we long for heart-warming recipes that are delicious, convenient and quick to make.

Cooking with canned food provides endless convenience! That’s because canned food is pre-prepared, meaning that there’s no need to chop and peel your vegetables. In addition to being convenient, cooking with canned food also saves you time in the kitchen. Canned food is precooked before being packaged, meaning that it’s ready to cook when you are, ensuring quick and easy meals for you any night of the week.

Check out the below recipes and let us know which are your favourite over on our Instagram channel @lovecannedfood.

Mixed Bean Picadillo

A delicious winter warmer! This dish is made by mixing a selection of canned beans with a perfectly balanced selection of spices. The recipe includes four canned foods, so the shopping list will also be kind to your wallet. You’re just four cans away from a delightful dish.

Feel free to take it up a notch by adding more chilli! We would suggest serving this tasty dish with boiled brown or white rice for the perfect dinner to share with friends or family on a cold winter’s night.

Steak and Vegetable Pie

A true childhood favourite of ours, which is perfect for warming you up after a long winter’s day out. This stunning pie is not only full of flavour but it also saves you hours of cooking as it can be made in just 1 hour 20 minutes. The trick to massively reducing the cooking time? Canned food! Canned food is already chopped and ready to go, meaning preparation time is minimised, it’s also precooked meaning you needn’t worry about stewing your steak to make a delicious pie.

Using root vegetables and a can of stewed steak, this recipe is the perfect shortcut to hearty pie heaven – perfect for those cold, dark evenings.

We suggest serving this with your favourite green vegetables for a midweek meal that the entire family will love.

Cheesy Butter Bean Mash with Lamb Chops

Hearty and delicious! This dish only needs 10 minutes of preparation before cooking, meaning it’s perfect for those nights when you get home a little late from work and need something quick and easy for dinner. Don’t let your meal times suffer because you had to stay late in the office.

Hearty Rosemary Lamb Casserole

A lovely, nourishing, warming casserole that will be a hit with the entire family. Simply pop all of the ingredients into your slow cooker and leave it to stew, leaving you with plenty of time to spend with the family.

The preparation needed for this dish is minimal thanks to the fact that it makes use of canned food! Canned food is also easy on the pocket, helping you keep an eye on the family food budget. Serve it with some warm crusty bread for dipping and hey presto – a delicious winter warmer for four!