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Love Canned Food Festival 2021

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It’s that time of the year again, the Love Canned Food Festival is back! Once again, we’re teaming up with Princes, Branston Beans and Batchelors Peas to bring you two weeks of canned food celebrations.

We’ll be celebrating our love for canned food by sharing hints, tips, hacks, competitions and most importantly, delicious recipe inspiration that you can re-create at home. Plus, some of your favourite influencers, like Poppy_Cooks and Sam Stern will be making an appearance!

Our plan for this year’s festival is simple, we want to bring people together through our love of canned food, because #TogetherWeCan. Our festival is all about celebrating the power of food to unite us, showcasing the unique benefits of our products which makes good food accessible to all.

The first week of the festival falls into British Food Fortnight, a celebration of the diverse and delicious food that Britain produces. Inspired by this, our Love Canned Food Festival will be travelling all around the UK – bringing you all your favourite recipes from different regions and cultures.

To kick-start the festivities, here’s what you can expect.

Brand new recipe content:

Delicious recipe inspiration that you and the whole family can enjoy? Yes please. For this year’s festival, we’ve whipped up some of your favourite nostalgic recipes, with a twist.

Using canned food can help you cut down on your preparation time, as the food is already prepped and ready to go, meaning more opportunity to spend quality time together as a family. Here’s a clue for two of our new recipes, can you work out what they are?

Click here to visit our recipe section for more recipe inspo.

CAN you believe this?

Here at Love Canned Food, we love a good can-foodie fact. Here’s a few of our favourites:

  • The inventor of canned food was French confectioner Nicolas Appert, who began preserving food in sealed glass jars in 1795.
  • Early food tins had to be opened with a hammer and chisel. The French army used bayonets.
  • The first tin-opener was invented by the English surgical instrument maker Robert Yates in 1855.
  • A can of food left by Sir John Franklin in the Arctic in 1845 was found to still be edible in 1939.

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