Greek Chicken Salad


July 31, 2017

This is a great recipe to use up any leftover chicken! Classic Mediterranean ingredients like

olives and feta are combined with convenient canned beans, fresh herbs and tomatoes

to bring colourful Greek cuisine to your table in minutes.

This delicious recipe was created by Azmina Govindji for Love Canned Food.

  • Prep: 15 mins
  • Cook: 15 mins
  • Serves: 6 Servings


1Simply mix together all the salad ingredients.

2Put all the ingredients for the dressing into a screw top jar and mix well.

3Toss the salad in the dressing, check seasoning and add more pepper or vinegar if desired.

4Lay a bed of mixed lettuce leaves on a plate, add the chicken salad and finish off with crumbled feta and fresh mint leaves.

Nutritional information

Energy (kcal) 380
Fat (g) 19.5
Sat fat (g) 5.5
Carbs (g) 20
Sugar (g) 9.5
Fibre (g) 7.5
Protein (g) 27.5
Salt (g) 1


1 x 400g canned butterbeans in water

1 x 400g canned kidney beans in water

½ cucumber, diced

30 pitted black olives

200g cherry tomatoes, halved

Generous handful fresh flat leaf parsley, roughly chopped

350g cooked chicken, shredded

For the dressing:

6 tbsp olive oil

4-5 tbsp red wine vinegar or lemon juice, as desired

1 tsp mustard

Pinch salt

Cracked black pepper, to taste

1 heaped tsp dried oregano

2 tbsp runny honey

To serve:

240g pack mixed salad leaves

125g feta cheese

Fresh mint leaves, torn


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